How to point out. Joburg domain name in South Africa?


1. First, a person must have registered .Joburg domain name because the person cannot point .Joburg domain name at a website if he is not owning a domain name.

2.  Find .Joburg domain name server setting , when you join a web host you usually receive a confirmation email which gives you a username and password to log in and .Joburg domain name server addresses to use.


3. You must save your name serves with your registrar, once you have your name serves you have to log in to your registrar admin panel, find the domain you want to set up and copy-paste the name server addresses into the DNS settings or .Joburg domain name server setup area.



4.  Wait for your DNS settings to update. It will take 48-72 hours for the DNS to update , when this happens , people who visit your domain name for example (your name .Joburg) will see the landing page or live folder of your web hosting account. Sometimes the change can happen in less than 30 minutes through technology , once it has gone through , you have successful pointed your domain name to your website.


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