How to register Dot Joburg domain name in South Africa?



Registers of. Joburg domain name, for them to be able to register or purchase .Joburg domain name they must contact a hosting company which will help them to host their domain name and website.

To register please follow the link below:

Registering your domain name, it means to host it so that you can to create a website.

Step 1
• You are decide the perfect name that is easy to remember or the company name for example write name . Joburg.Za and avoid to put dash – between your domain name and if the name is not available or is already register you won’t be able to purchase it.


Step 2

• You will need a credit card to pay for then .Joburg domain name and it will allow you claim and get the .Joburg domain name immediately upon application. You must choose if you want to be billed on a monthly or annually basis.


• Go to your Web host so that you obtain the names of their primary and secondary name servers.


The applicant must submit the contact details including the physical addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers.

• It is the last step where you will be asked to select where it is written “I have read and agree the terms services” and then you will receive via email the payment confirmation.


To register please click here: add&domain=register