How to renew .Joburg domain name in south Africa?



• The domain: period element may be specified with an attribute value of fee. A value between one year and ten years may be specified in the element.

• Not specifying the domain: period element will default the renewal period to the initial registration.

• Specifying the domain: period element with a new value will set the renewal period for the domain to the specified value.

• The domain :current expiry date must be the exact date of expiration. The simplest way to obtain the date is to perform a Domain information request.

• A successful Renew request will change the Registrar of Record a Renewal Fee for .Joburg domain name , multiplied by the amount of years specified in the domain: period element.

• A successful Renew request for a domain that is n Closed Redemption will change the Registrar of Record a Closed Redemption fee, and renew the domain name for one year.

• Domains may not be renewed for more than 10 years from their current expiry date.


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