How to transfer. Joburg domain name in South Africa?




a. When you transfer Dot Joburg domain name which you have already hosted during the registration process, you may be requested the domain password in the “domain :pw” element value.


b. Transfers may be requested by specifying the Registrant’s or Administrative contacts’ ROID ID in the domain: pw element value.


c. The domain: period element does not have to be declared as it is not used by for domain Transfers. Registrars may choose to declare it, but the ZARC will not take into account the information within the element.


d. Successful transfers will set the renewal period of a domain to 1 year.


e. Successful transfers will change the status of a domain’s Autorenew flag to “false”. This is to accommodate the OPTIONAL nature of the Autorenew Extension.


f. Successful transfers will increase the domains expiry date by 1 year if possible. This will change the Gaining Registrars’ s account as outlined in the Fee schedule.


g. If the resulting expiry date is 10 years from the date of successful transfer, the expiry date will not be increased and the Gaining Registrar’s account will not be changed.

To transfer   please  click here: php?a=add&domain=transfer