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Why getting web traffic to a website is very hard?

What is web traffic?

Web Traffic is more than just people, robots and webmasters visiting a particular website. People visits websites that matters to them, for a particular reason. If getting web traffic was easy everyone would have been doing it and companies would n’t be struggling to increase their revenues. Companies collapse because they no longer generate profit. After many years of building websites, I can astain that it is very very hard to generate web traffic. It takes time and resources especially with so many competition online. Things like the lockdown due to covid-19 led so many people to lose jobs in South Africa and hence focusing on establishing home businesses that struggle to rank online. I have learned a lot about SEO (search engine optimization) from marketing giants like Jooste de Valk from Yoast, Neil Patel from Neil Patel Digital and from the company called Moz and from Google, Yandex and Bing.

How SEO can boost web traffic to a website?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which refer to the ability to bring web traffic to a particular website. SEO is not a once-off thing but a persistent method to build web traffic which come after a long time. SEO is all about the right content written more and more to build web traffic. SEO is different from PPC (Pay Per Click) such as Adwords from Google which give off instant results depending on the budget. SEO is hard for competitive industry like web hosting, web design or online shopping even big companies find it hard to build the necessary web traffic.

A website design is important to bring web traffic to a website

If a website is not properly designed or can be viewed well using various devices, this will lead to visitors leaving the website for other well designed websites. User experience is important when building web traffic for a particular website. It is very important to doing so. Web traffic and user experience is important.

Web security play a vital role in bring web traffic to a site

Google announced that if a website is not having an SSL Certificate installed, it will be displayed as unsecure to visitors and thus this make the visitors to leave the site due to security concerns.


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