• Thursday, 24th September, 2020
  • 14:34pm

Dear Customer/Client,

Thanks to your diligence, we discovered that there was a weakness in the way in which transfer of domain name requests were being processed in terms of our Published Registry Policies. Currently, a domain name contact simply clicks on a link within the body of an email to accept or deny a domain name transfer request.  Sometimes, this inadvertently results in an accept or deny transfer request being processed without due consideration of whether that should indeed be the case. The losing Registrar/Registrant then has to initiate either arbitration or litigation processes to regain possession of the transferred domain if that was not the intent, which in turn attracts legal costs and could be quite a time consuming effort.

To minimize this risk, an additional layer of confirmation will now be required to confirm the acceptance or denial of a domain name transfer. Apart from Registry Lock Services that was recently launched, ZACR continues to be committed to securing the ZA namespace for co.za, web.za, org.za and net.za so enhancing its transfer voting process is another step in that direction. 

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances this policy implementation has been delayed until further notice. We regret any inconvenience caused. When implemented, the process for domain name transfers will require a domain name contact to click on the voting transfer link (received via email), which will open a webpage and require the domain name contact to click on an accept or deny button to facilitate or stop the transfer process. Please refer to images 1-4 inserted hereunder for an illustrative example of the changes that are due to take place.



Khoneketa Support

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