How to verify your account for support?

What is Verification?

When you need assistance with your account and reach out to our Live Support team, you may be asked to provide verification of your account. Verification is a method we use to confirm that the person contacting us is authorized to have changes made to the account. This often is the account owner but may also be a trusted individual such as a business partner, developer, office assistant, etc.


Why Do You Verify?

We verify as a basic level of security. Without a verification process anyone would be able to contact support and make any changes they like. This could include having a password changed so the person could steal files or registration of the domain name or even the entire account. A disgruntled employee may want to take revenge on their employer or perhaps a developer who was fired decides they want to regain access to wreck the site. Without verification, anyone can claim they are authorized and then take malicious actions in the account. We want your accounts to be as safe as possible.

We will require information such as:

  1. Security questions
  2. Business Name
  3. Company Registration Information
  4. ID Number etc
  5. Physical Address
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