Sale of the dotcoza domain - R60 until further notice

Sale of the dotcoza domain - R60 until further notice. To register a domain name, please go to:

4th Sept 2020
Dedicated hosting

When it comes to dedicated server hosting and shared hosting, there tends to be a lot of confusion. To simplify matters, this guide will focus on the difference between web hosting (dedicated hosting) and shared hosting. [Sources: 4, 6]     Before we start, let's go over the differences between shared hosting plans and VPS (dedicated hosting) ... Read More »

24th May 2020
Cloud Hosting

    So far, we have looked at the reasons why cloud hosting is superior to traditional hosting, but have not considered some of the biggest and most compelling reasons for using it. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of cloud hosting and its advantages and disadvantages. We explain what cloud hosting is exactly and show you the ... Read More »

24th Apr 2020
SA Covid-19 Information

1st Apr 2020
Operational during Lockdown

Operational during Lockdown

26th Mar 2020

    Internationalized Domain Name Mapping Extension, an extension that describes the provision of Internationalized Domain Names. This extension describes the use of a host object and its host attributes and describes a set of elements used to specify host objects and their host attributes. [Sources: 7, 8]     This document describes the ... Read More »

24th Mar 2020
Shared Web Hosting

    In this article, we explain the benefits of sharing web hosting, list some of the most popular online hosting providers, and give you some tips to get started. If you want to buy a shared web hosting plan, you can compare the features with other shared hosting plans available on the market. In these articles I will review the best available ... Read More »

24th Mar 2020
Office 365

    Microsoft today unveiled its new Office 365 consumer and business plans, which will replace and improve the existing Office 365 consumer plans. Unlike its predecessor, these plans now include unlimited access to all Office services available to users running Windows Enterprise. Microsoft 365 plans to include everything that is already ... Read More »

24th Jan 2020
VPS Hosting

    Cloud hosting and VPS hosting were just considered essentially the same, but that won't be far away. Web hosting and web hosting with a virtual private server or even cloud hosting are now very popular. [Sources: 1, 12]     In the large web hosting options system, VPS hosting is the most popular and cost-intensive option among all ... Read More »

24th Aug 2019

    This WordPress cheat sheet is aimed at developers who want to start to create and customize their own WordPress themes. This tutorial covers the formatting of WordPress posts built in - in WordPress Post Editor, as well as the use of a WordPress theme. [Sources: 3, 4]     High quality free WordPress themes are not easy to find, and that ... Read More »

24th Jun 2019

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